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Mold Remediation

Do you Have Mold?

Our Thorough Process:

  • Observe and assess the situation 

  • Report to your insurance company.

  • Establish extent of contamination and contain contaminated area.

  • Determine appropriate procedures 

  • Remove mold, and protect against spore spread

If you are having these symptoms you might have a mold problem. Let ServiceMaster Lakeshore get the mold out of your house so you can start breathing easier knowing the mold is gone.

Your Mold Might Be Toxic!

Mold Remediation Services

ServiceMaster knows how harmful mold can be and we want to get it out of your house as efficiently as possible.

Steps We Take to get Rid of Mold

Mold Safety

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Some Symptoms include:

  • Fatigue 

  • Headache

  • Light sensitivity

  • Poor memory

  • Difficulty concentration

  • Morning stiffness, joint pain

  • Unusual skin sensations

  • Shortness of breath 

  • Sinus congestion or chronic cough

  • Appetite swings,

  • Body temperature regulation,

  • Increased urinary frequency or increased thirst

  • Abdominal pain

  • Tearing, disorientation, metallic taste in mouth

  • Static shocks

  • Feeling lightheaded